We know our leather...

Since 1945 our own tannery has operated from León, México. Providing premium leather to brands all over the world.

Since 2021 we wanted to bring that passion and knowledge of leather, and transform it into creations of our own, keeping people that appreciate quality leather in mind on every new timeless piece.

Our Promise

Life is expensive as it is, Quality Leather Goods don't have to be.

Now a days it has become a real challenge to find affordable quality leather goods, they either are incredibly overpriced or they use cheap materials that don't last.

We use Full Grain Leather in all of our products, the highest quality of leather available combined with our skilled craftsmen deliver an elegant timeless style like nothing else.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Our tanning processes have 50% less water waste than regular tanneries while also having our own water treatment plant to prevent pollution to the environment.

100% of our energy comes from solar panels.